Beer Can Chicken using Koops' Spicy Brown Mustard - Koops Mustard

Beer Can Chicken using Koops’ Spicy Brown Mustard


▪️ 4-5lb chicken

▪️KOOPS’ Spicy Brown Mustard

▪️Spices of your choice, I used Saucybeardbbq “ROSE GOLD” rub (@saucybeardbbq)

▪️1 Can of light beer or beer of your choice

▪️Salt, I use Redmond Real Salt (@redmondrealsalt)

Under 4 hours

total time


▪️ Remove + Discard any giblets, neck, extra fat, if necessary

▪️ Sprinkle blanket of salt over entire chicken and wrap with plastic wrap for 1.5-2 hours refrigerated

▪️ Rinse the chicken inside & out with cold water, pat it dry

▪️ Cover it well with a generous coating of KOOPS’ Spicy Brown Mustard, get in all those crevices.

▪️ Pour out (or drink) half of the beer & puncture two holes in the top of the can

▪️ Prop the chicken on the can, and slide it down so it is in the cavity of the chicken.

▪️ Tuck the wings in behind the chickens back or cover with foil so they do not burn.

▪️ Grill over indirect heat until internal temp reaches 170° in breast, 180° in thickest part of thigh, juices run clear, usually 1.5 hours.

▪️Using mits, carefully remove the can and chicken from the grill, be very cautious to not spill the hot beer, let rest 10 minutes before removing the chicken off the can.

▪️ Discard beer, cut and serve chicken.

Thank you Christina Fantozzi for this fun and spicy take on a classic! Follow @christinafantozzi for more amazing recipes!

Christina served this over salad but with chicken this good it will compliment any dish!

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