Our President's Choice - Koops Mustard

Our President’s Choice


1 Poppy Seed Bun

1 Vienna All Beef Quarter Pound Hot Dog

2 tablespoons of Piccalilli

1 little stripe of ketchup

2 large stripes of Koops’ Jalapeño Mustard

10 minutes

total time


Grill your Vienna Beef Hot Dog till it is perfectly charred. Then place the hot dog in the poppy seed bun. Add your pickle relish and ketchup then top it off with Koops’ Jalapeño mustard for Hot Dog Perfection.

A classic Hot Dog. Or as he would call it, a “Tube Steak”.

The president of the company’s favorite food has always been a hot dog. One would say he is in the right line of business. Isn’t the saying “If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life”? Clearly he is doing what he loves. OSH

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